Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Closure, Indifference, Hunger

     Yeah, so I have done a pretty awful job keeping the blog updated. But in my defense, Disney has done a fantastic job of sucking my soul into busyness. And business. That, and I've never been super into the whole blogging thing. Long, uninterrupted blocks of text and I aren't very close friends unless they're in some sort of very compelling novel. But, here's yet another uninterrupted block of text for anyone bothering to read.
     Yesterday, I worked Tomorrowland stroller parking. It was awful. Basically, I spent five hours along side one of the other Star Tours GC's yelling "keep to your righthand side!" while knit-browed tourists act like they're planning to run me over...or make me burst into flame using their angry gaze. Soooooo not the funnest thing in the world. Normally, I like GC shifts. Not when it's busy. Ew.
      And I'm getting a lot guest control parade shifts. Those are interesting. Not so much angry guests with daggers for eyeballs, but they still aren't very happy about being told they can't watch the fireworks from where they're standing. We have quite a few people to squeeze into a fairly small space, and we have to keep an open walkway. It's not the easiest thing in the world, especially because I HATE yelling (talking loudly, not so bad, but yelling sucks) but it's not near as bad as doing the Star Tours split. At least the parade leads are fun.
     I would like to take a moment now for some fashion policing. Now, look see here, I don't exactly dress up to par with ze fashion world, but some faux pas even I can't help but notice. How can you walk out in public in a vest that is DROWNED in sequins, and not expect anyone to laugh? Or, some cases, for their brain to explode? Really? I saw a group that had a fella with a mullet and the most sequin covered vest I have ever seen in my life. It begs the question: What were you thinking? Is this a joke? Please, please say it's a joke. The lady this man was with was wearing something very similar. It was highly disturbing. Think about your clothes before you walk out of the house. And when your sequins call JUST SAY NO!
     With less than two weeks left in the program, it's been an interesting time for reflection. I've met a lot of fun and interesting people since I've lived in the apartments and worked for Disney. I feel like if I could go back and do the whole thing again I would have tried harder to hang out with other CP's. I guess to some extent I felt intrusive inviting people to do things all the the time, but really, there are only four months which is not as long as it seems when your whole life is spent working at a theme park. Though, I do think that to some extent I at least tried the best I could. I also would have gone into food services, had I wanted to make more money. A LOT more. Other than that I did everything I had particularly wanted to, so I am content with how my program experience went. And soon, on to Hawaii.

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  1. First of all, I'd just like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your blog answered so many of my questions. I actually have a few more questions though regarding what it was like being part of the DCP and of the LDS faith. I'm LDS too, currently attending BYU Provo. My phone interview is Friday, so there's no guarantee that i'll even get into the program, but I've just had some questions causing me to second guess if I should do the program or not (if I'm even accepted). I'm wondering how church works down there, if it's easy to get to church and if there are a lot of BYU students who do the program that I could befriend and not feel like the anti-social girl who never goes out because of the drinking and wild parties. Also, I understand that I'll probably have to work on Sundays? Was that difficult for you? Were you still able to get to church? Were your roommates also members of the church? If you've got the time, I'd love if you could email me at sanora67@yahoo.com. Thank you for all the effort you've put into your blog, I REALLY appreciate it! (: