Adventure Land Ect...

Adventure Land: The Land of Adventure (More to come, I just don't actually every work Adventure Land)
  • The birds in the Tiki Room are the first animatronics in Disneyland. 
 Dreams Do Come True in New Orleans Square:

  • New Orleans Square is my favorite place. Just thought you ought to know. You can get one heck of a monte cristo at the Cafe Orleans. And get the pomme friets with ramalade sauce while you're at it. It's a big meal (the fries at 5.49, and the Monte Cristo is 17.49ish it'll easily feed two to three people honestly)
  • Club 33 is near a restaurant called the Blue Bayou. It's an exclusive club, and to become a member can take 15 years. It's above New Orleans Square, and if you look in the windows there, sometimes you can see the guests dining there.
  • There are several stone slabs with firemen and firetrucks on them on the walls. This isn't because Walt a strange obsession with firetrucks. They are there because one used to have to pay if they wanted firemen to come and save their house. The slabs show which fire department you were paying, so you posted them on your wall so that it showed which company you were protected by.        
  • Walt and Roy Disney's initials are above the gumbo stand. They're gold colored and part of the greenish gate.        
  • The Haunted Mansion (and Tower of Terror in California Adventure) is the only ride in the park with a 13 minute wait time.
  • Another of Walt Disney's in Disneyland apartments is right above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It is now the dream suite where you can stay in the park over night.
  • In the Haunted Mansion ride there used to be a character called the Hatbox Ghost in the room with the Black Widow Bride. Due to complications it was taken out.