Sunday, March 27, 2016

Florida Program x2

Hey old friends, whaddaya say old friends?
It's been four years since my last college program.
And I'm back at it again, this time in sunny Florida.

I'm a shallow water lifeguard working in the resorts this time.

If you read my personal blog, you'll know that people are often like "Hey gurl, i'mma let you save me". It's like a really popular tinder pick-up line I guess? When they find out I'm a guard it just sort of turns stupid fast.

Yeah, no, really that's a bad pick-up line. Disney guards are super professional, which I really like. Plus, saving people is definitely not a sexy thing. You drag them out of the water, you're screaming internally the whole time, and all you want them to do is be ok. I know they're trying to be cute or funny or something, but if you've been a lifeguard I think you'll feel me on a spiritual level.

If you're working where there is a slide you WILL jump in. Which is nice when it's hot out.

I've only had to go in three times and it's never been an emergency. Usually you can just help them out with your tube.

The hours are really good. You never work past 11:30.

Buses are still frustrating at times, but I feel like for the most part they've been reliable.

I live in Vista which has been much hyped. Really it's just like any other college apartment. But literally anything is an improvement from my college I may not be a good judge of that sort of thing.

I've met a ton of characters which is pretty sweet. Kylo is the love of my life. Ya know.

Merh, I can't think of what else needs to be said. Life is pretty basic. Pretty legit.

Oh! If you go to Disney Springs, get a lobster grilled cheese at the crab boat house place. $20. SO GOOD. Go in and tell them you want to eat there and they'll just text you when they have a table. It was an hour wait time for us during lunch.

Also, the $6 mac n cheese kids meal at the Tall Tale Cafe next to Country Bears is on POINT and cheaper than anything else. Still very filling though.