Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Closure, Indifference, Hunger

     Yeah, so I have done a pretty awful job keeping the blog updated. But in my defense, Disney has done a fantastic job of sucking my soul into busyness. And business. That, and I've never been super into the whole blogging thing. Long, uninterrupted blocks of text and I aren't very close friends unless they're in some sort of very compelling novel. But, here's yet another uninterrupted block of text for anyone bothering to read.
     Yesterday, I worked Tomorrowland stroller parking. It was awful. Basically, I spent five hours along side one of the other Star Tours GC's yelling "keep to your righthand side!" while knit-browed tourists act like they're planning to run me over...or make me burst into flame using their angry gaze. Soooooo not the funnest thing in the world. Normally, I like GC shifts. Not when it's busy. Ew.
      And I'm getting a lot guest control parade shifts. Those are interesting. Not so much angry guests with daggers for eyeballs, but they still aren't very happy about being told they can't watch the fireworks from where they're standing. We have quite a few people to squeeze into a fairly small space, and we have to keep an open walkway. It's not the easiest thing in the world, especially because I HATE yelling (talking loudly, not so bad, but yelling sucks) but it's not near as bad as doing the Star Tours split. At least the parade leads are fun.
     I would like to take a moment now for some fashion policing. Now, look see here, I don't exactly dress up to par with ze fashion world, but some faux pas even I can't help but notice. How can you walk out in public in a vest that is DROWNED in sequins, and not expect anyone to laugh? Or, some cases, for their brain to explode? Really? I saw a group that had a fella with a mullet and the most sequin covered vest I have ever seen in my life. It begs the question: What were you thinking? Is this a joke? Please, please say it's a joke. The lady this man was with was wearing something very similar. It was highly disturbing. Think about your clothes before you walk out of the house. And when your sequins call JUST SAY NO!
     With less than two weeks left in the program, it's been an interesting time for reflection. I've met a lot of fun and interesting people since I've lived in the apartments and worked for Disney. I feel like if I could go back and do the whole thing again I would have tried harder to hang out with other CP's. I guess to some extent I felt intrusive inviting people to do things all the the time, but really, there are only four months which is not as long as it seems when your whole life is spent working at a theme park. Though, I do think that to some extent I at least tried the best I could. I also would have gone into food services, had I wanted to make more money. A LOT more. Other than that I did everything I had particularly wanted to, so I am content with how my program experience went. And soon, on to Hawaii.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So Close

     Well, so, the college program ends in just a few days...it's sad and exciting all at the same time. One of the glasses here broke so I have to replace it (as long as you have the right amount for the inspection they don't care what they look like) with one from the dollar store or some place. The celebration was eh, well, not that awesome to be honest. It was like a high school prom, plus awesometastic food. Same picture taking, bad music, awkward dancing (I will admit, before I left nobody was dancing quite as close as at prom, but it seemed like they were getting there). So, I got my cap, pictures, food, and free stuff, then was on my way.
     SO I am considered officially "graduated" from the program. Whooooopeee! This pretty much just means no more class. Which is quite convenient since it means no more waking up way early for class on Tuesdays which are almost always my day off.
     Then on Saturday I went swing dancing. That was way more fun than I expected. I love swing dancing, but I didn't have a partner so I didn't know that I would actually end up dancing at all. There were several guys there who were open to asking anyone to dance, so I got to do a lot of dancing (most of it was jitterbug and lindy) and it was really awesome.
      Then the last couple days were the holiday party for the cast. This means the park stays open to those who pick up the free tickets for whatever day. Then there are all sorts of places to take pictures, and way shorter lines than usual during the day. It's kind of funny because you get two tickets to the park...but most CP's don't really seem to have people to bring with them, you know? So we invite our other CP's because they're the only people really know.
      Anyway, this is quite close to the end of the program so it's a bittersweet feel. For me at least, I'm just getting to know people. Trying to make friends while knowing you've only got a couple weeks left is kind of weird.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend in the life of a DCP intern!

So I had a video that I posted, BUT the audio was waaaayyyy out of sync, so I took it down and here's the transcript:

So... this is me, Kayleigh, doing a video blog. And yes, I actually wrote what I'm going to say, because that's how I roll.
This is sort of a fun experiment. I'm not sure if I'll keep doing videos, but it'll be sort of fun to try it this once[and it apparently doesn't work...]. So, um, anyways... I'm functioning on kind of a lack of sleep, which as my mother could tell you, is my usual state of mind, Disney Cast Member or not.
But believe me: You have never been tired before you've been a Disney College Program intern. So... well, I mean, that is to say, if you're a traditional college student, who lived a fairly quiet life, and had no children, you have never been tired before your college program.
Because I'm sure being a parent is probably more tiring. I'm assuming. I think if any parents are watching/reading the transcript, they will agree.
ANYWAYS. So I've never been more tired in my life. Because pretty much all my time is spent on the go.

I had Thursday and Friday off this week, which seems to be pretty usual now. On Thursday, I went to the mall with some friends. It was pretty cool. It was actually the first time I've been off property- off Disney property(besides grocery shopping). That was a little funny. It was weird going into stores and, like, looking at prices and going, "Oh, that's the actual price I would have to pay, my little blue card won't do much for me here." And after that we came home and Miranda and I went to the Magic Kingdom and walked around for a few hours. There's a story there, but I really won't go into any detail on that. 
On Friday, I got up at eight in morning to go to the Animal Kingdom and ride Dinosaur with Miranda and watch Finding Nemo: The Musical. We had planned to ride Dinosaur. It's a funny story: Every time I've gone on that ride before, I've always gone with a total stranger. And it's a scary ride, and you kind of always end up screaming and grabbing the person next to you, which is always awkward when it's a total stranger, so Miranda and I basically planned to go on it together, because we're like, "Hey, we're friends. Let's go on a ride where we're already friends, and we don't come out new friends." You know? So we went on Dinosaur,  and then we went to Finding Nemo: The Musical, because it was right there, and it was just about to start, so that was pretty cool. I really liked it, and they did a good job with that. Anyways, then I went to a class at Epcot where I walked around The Seas for two hours, and that was really cool. And then I went home... yeah, just briefly... and then Miranda and I went to Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Lights, which was so cool, and I have some pictures of that. And then we went to her apartment and watched the new Bones episode.

Then on Saturday morning, I woke up at FIVE to go to the Magic Kingdom for the Christmas Day parade filming. I spent the next twenty minutes laying in bed contemplating my existence and figuring out just how mad my friends would be if I didn't show up... and then I got up, because I decided they would probably be mad if I didn't show up. And then, after being in the Magic Kingdom until about eleven, I went home, did laundry, and then I went to work, which was from 4:30 to 2:45, because there was a hard close at one o'clock. And then I got home at 3:30ish. Normally I would have woken up at 8 this morning to go to church, but I slept through that alarm. So I'm going to watch a conference talk or two at home. Later tonight, I'll be working glow at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. It's a nice short shift. I'll be off a little bit after midnight. On a normal midnight close you wouldn't get off until an hour and forty-five minutesish after park close, so it's nice.

I do love my job. I complain about my hours all the time, but you would, too, if you were at the park until 2:45 in the morning. But I love working at the Magic Kingdom, and I really like doing Glow. I get to see the parades and fireworks and shows every night. Last night, I got to see the Electrical Parade twice from where I was, and that was really cool. I didn't get to see the fireworks, though, because for the zone I was in, I had to stay to the side during the fireworks so people can see. That's okay, because it was the regular Wishes show, and I've seen that... a lot. I sing along with it. Or lip-sync, if guests are near. Depends on my zone. If I get this zone for the Christmas party tonight, though, I'll be sad. Or I'll rebel and take my cart to an area where I can see the fireworks. Because Holiday Wishes is really pretty, and I haven't seen it as much, and the fireworks are just mind-blowingly awesome.

The Christmas parade is okay. I do like it. Clarabelle Cow has her own float, and it's my favorite. She gets SUPER into her dance and the gingerbread cookies. It's really fun. The thing is, it's a really slow parade. And mellow. Very chill. Of the holiday parades, I definitely prefer the Halloween parade. The energy was a lot higher, and I feel like it was a little tighter. The Christmas parade has some moments where you're going, "eh... that was a little off... and I have no idea what those elves are lip syncing to, because the float with their music is definitely way up by Casey's Corner, and we're definitely still in the Hub." Also, it has the princesses, which is cool, but Rapunzel is not there. AND SHE TOTALLY DESERVES TO BE. I get that they can't just add her to the Princess float because there's only so many spots, but she should at least have a float like Snow White or walk in the parade. With Flynn Rider. And Bo Peep needs to not be in the parade. Or she needs to be less creepy looking. I love Bo Peep as a character. When I found out at the beginning of Toy Story 3 that she had been sold, I cried. But she doesn't really translate well to a character in the parks. She's a mask character, and the proportions are just weird. She's just super creepy looking.  Honestly, she would be a lot more approachable as a face character. I get that it's hard to do with the Toy Story characters, because it's so perfect to do them as mask characters,  but right now, Bo Peep is pretty terrifying.. 

And that's pretty much it. I wanted to keep this short, because I personally dislike watching long videos. Have a magical day!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

You've Been...Dying ...to Hear From Me

     So, wherever I left off on the last blog post...who cares? It was Halloween timeish, yes? Well, it is no longer Halloween (for those of you who were confused)!!! It is now Christmas time at Disneyland!
     Thanksgiving week...was not something to be thankful for. As CP's we don't get holiday pay, since we don't have our "ears" yet. And we had to work parade shifts with angry guests. No me gusta. But, they did give us rice krispy treats shaped like turkey legs...
     As for keeping busy, I've now seen Walt Disney's apartment above the firestation...that was...thrilling. It was one large room, and a bathroom. I sat where Walt sat. I was feeling pretty hoity-tioty about that. He's got a grilled cheese maker up in that place. I want a grill that's only for grilled cheese. I know what I'm buying when I'm rich and famous.
Ol' Wally's Chair

     Now then comes the busiest time of the year. The time when the Buzz Lightyear wait is 10 minutes on average, and everyone tells you that they're sure you'll probably get punched on New Years working GSO. Apparently, this is a common occurrence. I've heard it a lot, so it sort of makes it sound like there's some gang that comes in every New Years with the singular intent of making sure to punch every parade shift employee. Maybe I'll wear chainmail.
     Working the parades...murders the magic for me. Of all the things that kill the magic for me, it's that. Nothing else really does. But once you hear those RIDICULOUSLY obnoxious songs enough times, you really just kind of want to take your little blue light, stick it in your nose, and swish your brain around Egyptian style. To me, that would honestly be more pleasant. Something about those songs  is just SOOOOO ANNNNNNOOOOOOYIIIIIIIIIING. The visuals are fun, but the music just kills it for me. 12 times is enough. I don't want to hear it again. Fireworks are cool though. If you work by the castle you get to watch about a thousand proposals, and it's cute every time. Then, you can pretty much just turn around and watch the fireworks depending on where you are. I like that. I like fireworks. Parades are no bueno though.
     Graduation from the program is next week...woot...woot....? We're doing a dance. I laughed inside when everyone else was dissapoinTed that we don't get to walk. I didn't even want to walk at my middlecollege, or high school graduation (No joke, my parents made me. I wanted to go out to dinner and call it good. My graduation was THREE HOURS IN A HOT STUFFY LOUD BUILDING!!!). I'd waaaaay rather dance. I always said the only time I would walk willingly is if they played Ease on Down the Road from The Wiz sung by Micheal Jackson and they let us rock out in a coordinated fashion with fantabulous discotastic outfits.(Mmm. I taste an awesome new adjective. Discotastic.) With so many sequins it would make your eyes burn. Anyway, no one has taken me up on that yet. You just wait though. I'll make someone do it someday. And it will be EPIC.