Mainstreet Facts

 Walkin' Right Down the Middle of Main Street U.S.A: Disneyland
  • The brick on your way in is red, right? (WHAT? Red bricks?!) There's a reason for the red: it's the "red carpet". Disney wanted Disneyland to be like a big show. So, he wanted to roll out the red carpet. In this case, it's ok to follow the red brick road (does that make Walt the wizard? Dorothy should have followed the red brick.).
  • Disneyland was one of the first parks to have people pay for their ticket in advance before going through the main gate. To follow the show theme: you buy a ticket, then you go in.
  • The part with the train station and flowers is the "lobby". The posters in the tunnel represent "coming attractions". 
  • Above the firehouse is Walt's apartment: he built it originally because he couldn't afford the commute to be at Disneyland during the construction each day, and then go home every night. The lamp in the window is always on because that was the light first turned on when employees knew he was to be staying there (employees knew their couldn't be any funny business if that light was on ;), and it still on to represent that his spirit is still alive in Disneyland (and so that we know there's still no funny business. Fun is our is cheesiness apparently).
  • Every morning, Walt used to walk down to the end of Main Street in his PJ's and robe to get his favorite fresh squeezed orange juice: compliments of Minute Maid. He liked it soooooo much they gave him his own juicer. I'm pretty sure he never used it. He still went to the stand to get his orange juice.
  • Steve Martin (Well excuuuuuuuse me!...are we too young for that joke? Comedian. Wikipedia my friends.) once worked in the magic shop on Main Street.
  • The greatest honor that there is in Disneyland is to have your name on a window in Main Street. Walt's father is the only person who never entered the park, but who has his name on a window. I'm pretty sure they're going to put my name up there soon because of the awesomeness I contribute to the park.
Upcoming attraction poster for the Indiana Jones ride
Elias Disney's window on Mainstreet