Thursday, December 1, 2011

You've Been...Dying Hear From Me

     So, wherever I left off on the last blog post...who cares? It was Halloween timeish, yes? Well, it is no longer Halloween (for those of you who were confused)!!! It is now Christmas time at Disneyland!
     Thanksgiving week...was not something to be thankful for. As CP's we don't get holiday pay, since we don't have our "ears" yet. And we had to work parade shifts with angry guests. No me gusta. But, they did give us rice krispy treats shaped like turkey legs...
     As for keeping busy, I've now seen Walt Disney's apartment above the firestation...that was...thrilling. It was one large room, and a bathroom. I sat where Walt sat. I was feeling pretty hoity-tioty about that. He's got a grilled cheese maker up in that place. I want a grill that's only for grilled cheese. I know what I'm buying when I'm rich and famous.
Ol' Wally's Chair

     Now then comes the busiest time of the year. The time when the Buzz Lightyear wait is 10 minutes on average, and everyone tells you that they're sure you'll probably get punched on New Years working GSO. Apparently, this is a common occurrence. I've heard it a lot, so it sort of makes it sound like there's some gang that comes in every New Years with the singular intent of making sure to punch every parade shift employee. Maybe I'll wear chainmail.
     Working the parades...murders the magic for me. Of all the things that kill the magic for me, it's that. Nothing else really does. But once you hear those RIDICULOUSLY obnoxious songs enough times, you really just kind of want to take your little blue light, stick it in your nose, and swish your brain around Egyptian style. To me, that would honestly be more pleasant. Something about those songs  is just SOOOOO ANNNNNNOOOOOOYIIIIIIIIIING. The visuals are fun, but the music just kills it for me. 12 times is enough. I don't want to hear it again. Fireworks are cool though. If you work by the castle you get to watch about a thousand proposals, and it's cute every time. Then, you can pretty much just turn around and watch the fireworks depending on where you are. I like that. I like fireworks. Parades are no bueno though.
     Graduation from the program is next week...woot...woot....? We're doing a dance. I laughed inside when everyone else was dissapoinTed that we don't get to walk. I didn't even want to walk at my middlecollege, or high school graduation (No joke, my parents made me. I wanted to go out to dinner and call it good. My graduation was THREE HOURS IN A HOT STUFFY LOUD BUILDING!!!). I'd waaaaay rather dance. I always said the only time I would walk willingly is if they played Ease on Down the Road from The Wiz sung by Micheal Jackson and they let us rock out in a coordinated fashion with fantabulous discotastic outfits.(Mmm. I taste an awesome new adjective. Discotastic.) With so many sequins it would make your eyes burn. Anyway, no one has taken me up on that yet. You just wait though. I'll make someone do it someday. And it will be EPIC.


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