Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So Close

     Well, so, the college program ends in just a few's sad and exciting all at the same time. One of the glasses here broke so I have to replace it (as long as you have the right amount for the inspection they don't care what they look like) with one from the dollar store or some place. The celebration was eh, well, not that awesome to be honest. It was like a high school prom, plus awesometastic food. Same picture taking, bad music, awkward dancing (I will admit, before I left nobody was dancing quite as close as at prom, but it seemed like they were getting there). So, I got my cap, pictures, food, and free stuff, then was on my way.
     SO I am considered officially "graduated" from the program. Whooooopeee! This pretty much just means no more class. Which is quite convenient since it means no more waking up way early for class on Tuesdays which are almost always my day off.
     Then on Saturday I went swing dancing. That was way more fun than I expected. I love swing dancing, but I didn't have a partner so I didn't know that I would actually end up dancing at all. There were several guys there who were open to asking anyone to dance, so I got to do a lot of dancing (most of it was jitterbug and lindy) and it was really awesome.
      Then the last couple days were the holiday party for the cast. This means the park stays open to those who pick up the free tickets for whatever day. Then there are all sorts of places to take pictures, and way shorter lines than usual during the day. It's kind of funny because you get two tickets to the park...but most CP's don't really seem to have people to bring with them, you know? So we invite our other CP's because they're the only people really know.
      Anyway, this is quite close to the end of the program so it's a bittersweet feel. For me at least, I'm just getting to know people. Trying to make friends while knowing you've only got a couple weeks left is kind of weird.

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