Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is Halloween...

     Posting, posting, haven't done any posting in a long time. I've been rather busy though. My best friends are my books and my laptop, and both occupy me wonderfully. Well, it's been Mickey's Halloween Party here for the last several weeks and park attendance has been ridiculous. Every couple of nights people without wristbands get kicked out of the park at six or seven (if you plan a visit ALWAYS check the park closing time to be safe). When we work GSO (guest control-those ravishing red vests-the other day they ran out of ties so we got silky black bow ties. Yummy.) we check for wristbands, and if you haven't got one, then in the nicest way possible we say "What? You didn't pay extra. Go home. We don't want you."
This, my friends, is a pumpkin
     The party itself is mostly just a cool lights show on the castle, Halloween themed music, extra characters are out, and Disney hands out candy. The lines are way short too. The guests tend to be more demanding (for $50 a person, I would be too), but it's fun to work because of all the costumes. My favorites were: Pricilla and Anastasia, who were older ladies who TOTALLY played it up and they had a little girl with them who they dressed as Cinderella. It was adorable. We also had a Scarlett and Rhet Butler where the Scarlett had on her dress made from the drapes. They looked perfect. And we had the auctioneer and red-headed-wench from Pirates of the Caribbean. Not only were their costumes and wigs perfect, but the make-up the guy was wearing made him look creepily exactly like the animatronic.
     The first Tomorrowland staff Halloween party was the other day. Needless to say, it was a little disorganized: I guess a couple of managers threw it together. I'm glad they did though. There was a treat judging contest, and people got super creative for that. Cupcakes with brains, marshmallows with Frankenstein. And it was allll tasty. Then we rode Space Mountain a couple times straight because no one was in line. We also had "Hauntopia". Here's the thing about Disney staff: alot of them have worked other theme scarers. So we got on the creepy nighttime Autopia track(I never realized how much more menacing that track seems at night...), and had all manner of people dressed up as zombies and murderers greet us along the way. There were three of us crammed into my car, and we spent the whole time trying to figure out who was who, since all the scarers were people we knew.
    Yesterday, I went for a walk near the apartments and found some interesting things. Not only is Muzeo right here, but not far off is a community center. When I was there they were displaying kinetic sculptures that were really, really neat. They were Halloween themed and were the kind that made you not sure if you should jump, or just wonder what was wrong with the artist. It was a pretty fall day out and so I got to see all the interesting houses. This is a historic district it turns out, so there are some super neat houses. The library is right next to the bus stop, and since I've gotten my handydandy temp card, I went there and got myself some books. Hooray!! Also, every Wednesday night the 195 does free karaoke (there's a couple amazing old black guys who sing)...I was deaf in one ear the first time I went...boy...that was interesting. I always go with my neighbor and we do ridiculous songs, and the DJ gives us dirty looks, so we have a good time.

Zocalo park celebrates Dios De Los Muertos
Buzz crew and one nemo-er at the Halloween party
     On another tangent, I visited what my family likes to call the "Disney Costco". Company D. I spent a long time wandering back and forth, stopped several times for directions, and in the end, I had passed it assuming it was part of another building. Fantastic, right?  But I did find it and was able to get all sorts of stuff for Christmas presents for cheap. Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly counting down the days just yet, but for buying gifts, I don't wait if I can get it for cheap at the moment. Cheap is what I do. Oh, and the other day I had a nightmare...I was working Thunder Mountain, but I didn't know how. I have never been so terrified in my life. That's what this job will do to you. The wheelchair guests were being super difficult too in my dream. Man, it was weird.

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