Sunday, October 2, 2011

Full Disclosure

     I got a text today from someone I won't name (*cough* the only other person that writes on this blog *cough*) reminding me that I haven't written in a zillion years. I had considered this the other day, but my excuse is that I've been fairly busy. I've been working full time this week and trying to pretend I have some sort of social life.
    Mickey's Halloween Party started on Friday: it's where three hours before the party you can be dressed up for Halloween. Then only people with special wristbands are allowed in the park. They can trick-or-treat and do other events. Basically, it extends my hours...I don't think I will probably ever go into the park for that. But I might break down and buy myself a ticket. I'm looking forward to painting my whole self green so I can be a witch for Halloween.
     Corporate Analysis is interesting. We get previews of lots of things to come and review Disney history. And we get a random fact every class. The instructor is a pretty interesting person too. The Walt Disney Company actually nearly failed several times because of financial issues; of course, it's not such a problem today for them, but it was for many of the first years.
     Things at Buzz have been...crazy. I swear people are just throwing their sunglasses off the ride on purpose. Then they get off, come back, and wait for me to tell them "Oh, you dropped your sunglasses in the ride just like the other six people who just came through? Well of course I  will stop the whole ride and go get them for you!". Then when I tell them that they have to wait til the end of the day they give me a look like I'm a horrible person. Look guys, we want to help you. We do. But we also value everyone else already ON the ride who don't want us to stop every 10 seconds like we already do. Also, the other day during my 6:45 shift the bus dropped me off early. If you read about the two pedestrians that got hit the other day...yea...that made my bus route weird. I heard about it and just kind of thought to myself "'s THAT kind of day today..."
      By the way, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASSSSSSSE don't leave any bags unattended just sitting around. You'll have about four seconds before someone calls security. There might be nothing in it, but we don't know that. People put bombs in their underwear for heaven's sake. There could be just about anything in that lonely little backpack, and we don't take any chances at Disney. It's like I said, safety is CRAZY emphasized. There is nothing you can do at Disney that there isn't a plan for. We aren't going to risk our safety, or yours. We get millions of visitors. Trust me, there ain't nothin' we haven't seen.
     Seeing as it's Halloween time at Disneyland, Space Mountain has become Ghost Galaxy (it's the only holiday we celebrate...happy holiday!). I was really freaking out when I went to get on it because all my coworkers were saying it was scary. Meh, not so bad. The scariest part is probably the noise of a witch being boiled in oil type sounds that are played outside Space Mountain at night that are so loud you have to yell at the person next to you.
     Oh, and more holiday funtimes, Sally and Jack Skellington are available for pictures in the park. I was accused by Jack of being from Easter town due to my rather excitingly colored dress (that's right! he talks!). I was in line to see him talking to a guy who I assumed to be the father of a turned out when we got to the head of the line the guy started going "Man, Jack is BA: I'm going to meet Jack!!". Um. Ok. Well...I'm glad you're so excited. A bit weirded out. Mostly because you're old enough to be the father of any of the 10 year olds here...but great. I was just getting a picture for funsies. I like Nightmare, but not quite as much as the guy in front of me...

Here's some fantastic music to enjoy while you read :) Added to my list of favorite composers.

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