Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Day More...and Then One More Day

     Working for Disney is pretty much fantastic. I mean, your job is to make people happy. So, you just smile all the time and everyone usually smiles back. It is pretty schweet. I think my favorite thing is having the little kids run up yell "I'M GOING ON BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA BEAT ZURG!!!". Usually I have to tell them to stop running about that time, but it's cute either way.
     So, fun story, even in our hot Buzz Lightyear outfits, guests never fail to try pick-up lines. Most common ones (and this is as they're gliding by in their cruisers and the female attendants are at Main Console) reported by my coworkers, and experienced by myself: "What's your high score? ;{)" (really? Do you really think I know that?) and "How many points are you worth?" (A lot more than you're gonna score buddy). We just offer a courtesy laugh and tell them to watch their feet. Sometimes they'll ride more than once: 11 is the record so far. I've also heard "Hey, you! This guy loves you!" as a random guest went by...what do you say to that? Swapping stories is interesting in the break room. Thank goodness we work on a moving platform.
     We also rotate positions every half hour or so which becomes super confusing for guests. I'll be out at greeter, and the suddenly I'll be loading them on the ride. Often they'll give me a puzzled look and I'll just reply "Did I move...or am I just a twin?". Then they look even more confused.
     Today must have been brand-new intern day at the bank. Everyone was friendly and chipper and happy...they hadn't been broken by the monotony of their jobs yet. So that was kind of fun when I deposited my paycheck because they actually seemed happy to see me, rather than giving me a bored expression and asking why I never use the ATM. Oh, and yesterday I didn't realize our pan wasn't nonstick, so when I tried to make a pancake it became pancake crumbles. Which I covered in jam. I was delicious.
     Other than that things are basically the same day to day. I go grocery shopping, hang out with my roommates sometimes, watch netflix all day, go to work, stay at work, get my bumpout (does that not sound like something a mobster would say? "Ey you. Yeah you. I'm here wit ya bumpout."), go home, sleep, and do it all over again.


  1. I feel the same way about bumpouts! It makes me feel like a hitman is coming after me.

  2. I was reading this and I didn't know whether it was Kayleigh or Alyssa. By the time I got the part about talking like a gangster I figured it out (then read the whole thing again with Alyssas voice in my head lol). I miss you Alyssa, I was really sad I missed your birthday party and that I didn't get to see you before you left. Let me know if you're ever in town. :D

    Still stick in Yakima,
    Todd Cozzocrea

  3. Kayleigh: Totally :P
    Todd: Aw I miss you too :( I'm glad you could tell I was the author though XP When do you leave? I should be back in April. :)