Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Alive I'm Alive I'm...Kind of Bored

     It's my day off today. I know I haven't written in a while, and everyone has probably been wondering if I'm dead. Just so you know, I am not yet dead. In fact, I feel like I could go for a walk. But, I do happen to be bored out of my mind.
     The first apartment inpection was today so my roommates and I cleaned like crazy. We got knocked for having crumbs on our stove top. To be precise, there was ONE crumb on our stove top. I can see where jealousy has taken root. Our apartment was so fantastic the inspectors couldn't stand it. Ah well, happens a lot. It can be hard to be this awesome some times.
     There's not much to do around here for free if you don't have time to get there. My wonderful mother sent me a Forever 21 card so I could go buy me some fabulous clothes and jewelry. But I'm saving that for another day when there's nobody home and everybody back home to call. So by boredom has forced me into blogging.
     I love working for Disneyland where you don't feel weird smiling all the time, and the other employees are, for the most part, friendly. The more time I spend at work though, the more faith I lose in humanity. I had this lady last night get on my conveyor belt (yes, I call it mine: when we load people on the ride-an omnimover-they have to step onto a moving conveyor belt and then into a "cruiser") and she turned around and looked at me (while still moving forward:we only have a limited amount of time to load people) and said "Is this dangerous?!". I replied "Yes, what you're doing now is. Please get in a cruiser." She yelled back "WHAT?! THIS RIDE IS DANGEROUS?!" to which I had to reply quickly "No! The ride itself is not dangerous. Please get in a cruiser ma'am!". She finally did. Moral of the story: If you want to know if something is dangerous, ask BEFORE you're on the conveyor belt.
     Another fun story was when a man stepped on the conveyor belt, we loaded his son on the ride, and then he turned around still standing and said "Is he tall enough to be on this ride?". As a Disney employee you have to be very friendly, so of course I was, but I very loudly had to say several time "Yes sir, please get on the ride." Would I really be letting people on if the ride was dangerous, or if the kid wasn't tall enough? What did they expect me to do? Oh well, what can you do?
      Oh, and then when I'm working as Greeter (the person who stands at the ride entrance to answer questions and such) I often get the question "Is this really a 10 minute wait?". Disneyland is pretty dang accurate when it comes to wait times. But you know, even if the posted wait time was you really think we'd post it? I mean, really, what do they expect me to say? "Nope. It's actually 60 minutes. We just like to laugh at the people waiting in line. Those silly people weren't smart enough to ask if the wait time was true. Good thing you were smart enough to ask." Of course not. Yes, it is only a 10 minute wait.
     I'll try to keep funny stories from work updated, but they can be hard to recall after two weeks worth. They're pretty amusing. The more you spend time at work with the guests...the more you wonder what's going on in our public schools today.

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