Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Do You Do With a Turtle...should it come to you...

     Day two...lunch like a college kid. I realized living at home I was never so often legitimately hungry. My parents equipped me with food, but I need to save money of course, so there's no mindless random eating anymore. That's just unamerican.We don't wait for anything! Especially food!
     Today we had a meeting for scheduling and I.D. type stuffs. THE BUS STOP IS FOREVER AWAY FROM HERE! Meh, either way, we went "backstage" and got our pictures taken, and then went into a small theater where a couple of speakers helped us learn about figuring out our shifts at work. This adorable woman got up and told us about when she did the Disney College Program after that. She'd worked in the basement of the Hotel Disney and was in charge of the lost and found. While down there (in the basement) she wrote a procedural manual for the lost and found...and I guess at one point a turtle came down the laundry chute. It was cute. So she took care of it.
     Then we all had to get up and get to know people. Now, normally, people roll their eyes at the speaker and go "nope. no. I am not getting to know ANYONE." In this case, everyone jumped off their seats to say hello. Everyone is really outgoing, and very nice as far as I've seen. This is quite a nice thing. I met a fellow who was a contestant on the Price is Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. He won $10,000 and some golf stuff. Now he works for Disney. Well, isn't that just exciting? In all honestly I did indeed think that to be something pretty spiffy.
     There's a farmers market every Thursday here. I went today and it was pretty cute. There were fruits, and vegetables, and random booths with items you never knew you needed. Most of the food was reasonably priced too. As I was leaving this old guy yelled "hey, do you want to get a ticket?!" me: "For j-walking?" old guy: "Yeah! Tickets blahblahblah...well, have a nice day." He then handed me a sunflower and walked away. It was rather amusing.
     Tonight there's a welcome party...ummmm...I had a sandwich for lunch...a girl living on my floor made little tiny chocolate chip cookies and shared them. My roommate and I went around and met all of our neighbors. That was fun. They're exciting people.

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