Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Very Model of a Modern Major Disney Trainee

    Still stuck in training...for the last two days. Of course, this at least was on the job training which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less boring than guest interaction training. Our trainer is great too. He's a sassy guy who knows everybody, is very friendly, and who works on Space Mountain most of the time. Funny story: every time he walks by a particular janitor he goes "Heeeeeeeeeey! This guy!". Said janitor in turn gives him one of those awkward do-I-know-you? hellos and goes on with his day. The first time this happened we looked at our trainer and said "So, do you know him?". He doesn't.
     For OJT (There's an acronym for everything at Disney) you follow your trainer around as they repeat everything you've already heard, and what you don't already know goes straight in one ear and then runs away as soon as you need it. Luckily, you have a couple days to learn it all. And you'll hear it over and over and over and over. It's also in the operating guide, which you have to read. The OG is...a very long, dry book. If you learn by reading it's great though I'm sure. But if you just got up at 5 am after a late's not so much.
     The second day of OJT you do some more reading, but you actually get to try out all the positions. I thought that was quite fun. You learn all the button pushing and how to get people on and off the ride safely. It's hilarious to watch guests as they first start the ride but aren't quite to the targets yet because they start waiving their little blaster everywhere pretending they're shooting things in the loading dock. They point it at attendants, lights, other guests, themselves, and sometimes make sound effects. Then when they see you looking at them they give you a sheepish little smile and laugh. The funny thing is, I didn't see a single kid doing that: it was all adults. I was thoroughly amused. That's what I like about Disneyland: everyone is there to have a good time no matter how old they are.
     Last night I worked til 1:30 a.m. We had to learn to assemble the WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle), and how to use the evacuation routes. One evacuation route we learned was just in case the ride breaks down and we have to let everyone off. The other is what our trainer likes to call the "end of the world" evacuation route. Disneyland has a plan for pretty much everything. Today is my last day of OJT and they'll be testing me to see if I can run each position on the ride.
     Here's an amusing video. Compliments of my sister. Hehe. I am thoroughly amused. Well done. How can you watch that guy dance and not smile? Eh, ehhhhhhhh?


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