Sunday, August 21, 2011

Power to the Power Points

     Yesterday was my first official day off. So, I spent some family time. My I.D. got me free admission ($105), free parking ($15), and a discount on food in the park (priceless). I think I'm going to enjoy this whole thing with freebies everywhere.
     Interesting anecdote from yesterday also: my family helped me to buy a few things I'll need before they left, right? Well, one of the things they'd gotten me was a pack of disposable razors. I still haven't gotten to use them though (and I need them...wearing a skirt makes me feel like the ape man) because when they were giving me my stuff, some of it went into my purse. After that, my parents dropped off my sister and I at the parks down at the 15 minute parking area. As I was walking to Disneyland I looked in my purse and what do I find? A PACKAGE OF DISPOSABLE RAZORS!!
     My own family was setting me up to get jumped by security. I can't bring razors into Disneyland! I ended up throwing them all away so I still look like I'm suffering from wolfism (well, not exactly because it's not my face that's the problem), but that's ok because I got into the parks juuust fine.
     As for today, this was my third day of training. We sat around and watched some more power points(legal and safety stuff: we're wild about safety. Bleh.)...and some more(sad use for Ti Moune and Pumba)...oh, and guess what....more POWER POINTS!! But then we finally got our schedules today. One of our trainers was telling us about her favorite Disneyland stories for giving out We're Celebrating buttons. She was saying a little girl looked super excited so the trainer asked her about her excitement. The girl then responded "My daddy's parole!!" So a two eight hour days. Of power points.

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