Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm All Muffins and Juice Boxes [and Hot Pants]

     Guess what today was...MOOOOORE TRAINING! Luckily though, rather than making us sit around for hours on end watching power points, we were out on our feet with a trainer doing guest interaction training. Myself and the other girl I trained with are now officially allowed to talk to guests.
     We started the day with costuming., um, most of the to put lose 40 attractiveness points when you put them on. End of story. If you were beautiful before you are now plain. If you were supermegaawesomefoxyhot, you are now maybe cute. If you were ugly...then...well...either you don't exist anymore or you just plane. For today, we started ourselves out with a polo shirt and pants. Mind you, there's no vanity sizing in Disney: if you put on some extra weight where your pants go you are going to have to face the music. The pants go to just below your ribcage and you tuck the polo into them. The pants also make your tuckus look pretty lumpy too. If you don't have much on your backside then you just look sort of silly and flat. Those hot pants make you feel sure of yourself. And you got to use what to got to get just what you wanta.This is your standard costume that can transfer to any land. It's "neutral".
          This is James Brown performing Hot Pants. Feel free to listen to Super Brother #1 while you  read.
     So then our adorable trainer took us around the park. He reminded me of the main guy from Psych, but with a higher voice. We took another tour of the park, answered questions for guests, and then helped coordinate the guests during a parade. Our trainer was the owner of the quote above because as we walked by the castle he looked up and said "castle=magggiiiicallll!" and then proceeded to say "Yea...I'm all muffins and juice boxes about this stuff :)"

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