Friday, August 19, 2011

Everybody is a Children

    Well now, today was my first officially paid day. Hoo-rah! I likes gettin' paid. We went backstage again, where four employees gave a super animated (not with gesticulation) Disney schpiel. It was awesome. Oh my gooooodness I LOVE the people who I work with. Everyone is super outgoing and chill. We must have watched five 20 minute videos and during EVERY SINGLE ONE the entire auditorium clapped and laughed at the littlest things.
     We also took a tour of the park. I would just like to say to you all: be nice to the Disney characters. Or your local baseball team mascot. Really. Be nice. Don't let your kids hit them. Mmk. They're living things too.
     Now that I'm off my "don't hit Mickey" soapbox, back to my day. Off one box of soap, now onto another. Anywho, Disney is super concerned about safety. Clearly they're supposed to be, but at the training thing we did this morning they majorly stressed safety over literally everything else. So, we were constantly being told to be sure to be respectful, to smile, but most of all to be SAFE. Don't you be unsafe at Disneyland. We'll get ya!
     I also found out today that I'll be working somewhere in Tomorrowland. No idea where yet, but that's the place at least. Probably on Finding Nemo, but that's just a wild guess. Sunday is when I actually get my schedule. By the way, when they get done renovating parts of Cali Adventure it's gonna be BOMB. 2012 my friends, 2012.

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