Sunday, August 28, 2011

Earning My LGM Head

     Yes, I am now certified Star Command Mission Control. SCMC as Disney might call it. I can safely (...) work the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride. Hooooray. I didn't say anything when they gave me the certificate, but I would like everyone to notice that "Emperor Zurg" is NOT capitalized. That's because folks, no one capitalizes the wicked.
     I'm crazy pumped. Anything that means I never have to read that OG again is beautiful. I got to put my name on an LGM (little green man) head and stick it to the wall of the Buzz office, as tradition dictates. I have my first post-training shift today too where I can load, unload, greet, merge, and main console people. It's kinda sad though because I probably won't see my trainer very often anymore, and he was super cool, but the Buzz cast is awesome too. What a peculiar place to store a salad...
     Basically what we did was spend two days doing OJT where we stayed up til one in the morning learning the regular evacuation route, the end of the world evacuation route, what buttons to push, how to reset targets, what to do about service animals, and all sortsa funness like that. Our trainer also went over stuff over and over and over again as long as we wanted so that we could get comfortable. On the evac routes...the first time we looked at those, I at least, was quite confused. It was a bunch of colored arrows drawn on a map that said things like "meet at the sparkly monster". Little did we know that "sparkly monster" is an actual technical term for part of the ride.
     Something our trainer told us while he was showing us how to work the ride was "look guys...90% of the people here aren't listening to the safety instructions. So, that's why you're here." After working the ride it's totally true. The automated announcement says "please face forward and sit back in your seat, keeping your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the ride at all times." Majority of the people I saw: one kid sitting turned completely around talking to their parents, while the other was sitting on the very edge of their seat or standing, with their dad pretending to shoot the not yet activated blaster at everything, and their mother taking a picture. Which is where the employees come in to say "please turn around and sit down guys". Watch your kids. We're trying to avoid either of them falling out or getting smacked in the face by a cruiser door mmmk.
     By the way, something that pretty much made my day yesterday: during training we were standing near by the guests practicing loading, when a little boy looked up at my trainer and yelled "IT'S BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!!!". He got super excited and high fived my trainer and I, as did his little brother. After they moved on my trainer laughed, looked sort of confused and said "...that little kid just called me Buzz Lightyear...". My trainer looks nothing like Buzz. It was amusing. We played along in the Disney spirit of course though.

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