Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Disney Look

     WHAT does a Disney employee look like? A human. Or sometimes an animal. Anywho, the people ones have to dress a very special way of dressing and doing their make-up. Sooo basically if you want to look like a Disney employee you have the "costumed look" and the "business casual" look. Business casual=not casual clothes...nice shirt: it doesn't have to be collared but should be nice and clean. No jeans allowed, and no sweat pants, but beyond that it's not hard to get the business causal down. And costumed you just can't wear any super exciting make-up, and your hair has to be a more "classic" style. Just imagine someone who works in an office: would they have bubblegum pink hair, a grungy T-shirt, be chewing gum like a heifer, wearing beat up old sneakers, smelling like the city dump (assuming that they actually care about their job)? I hope you don't think so. It's an appearance thing. Disney wants their staff to look professional and approachable.
     If you are doing the program or working for Disney, don't let the look thing get to you. They are pretty specific, but in a lenient sort of way if that makes sense. Most thrift stores sell what you're looking for. Ladies will probably want to pick up some blazers. Be modest and conservative. Don't wear a super tight pencil skirt: I saw a girl get pegged for that. Go with a knee length pencil skirt that gives some room to move and maybe a collared shirt or nice ruffly business like one. Menfolk don't have to have suits, but collared shirts are for them. NO POLO SHIRTS. A nice, clean, ironed, button-down shirt. No matter who you are you'll probably want to get a pair of comfortable black shoes. Here at Disneyland all but two positions require solid black shoes. They have to be comfortable. Comfort over looks. And completely polishable.
     If you work a late shift Disney will help you get a ride home. For late night shifts give your supervisor or manager a call and, in my experience, they'll be happy to help you find a safe ride home.
      Disney will give you enough hours each week so that you can pay your rent. They also give you two days off every week during the nonpeak seasons, but you cannot preference Friday nights, Saturday, or Sunday. You have to be open to working on those days, but I'm hoping they'll give me a little time on Sundays so that I can go to church. They'll help you with trying to figure out how to get days off and such. But DO NOT expect any time during the holidays. They stress that often. If you do the program you're not going home for the holidays. That's just how business goes I guess. You work so others can have a good time with their families. I feel like it's worth it. I've had enough good times with my own family I'm glad to give some time to other people.

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