Wednesday, August 17, 2011 guessed it...ONE!!

     SO today was check-in. I spent all of the last 16 hours thinking "oh crap. I won't have all the papers, they won't let me in, I'll get fired without being hired, and I'll have to go home in shame." And, in reality, it was a total nightmare...
     Just kidding. It was smooth as butter. I went up and there was a little corner to put my suitcase, and name tags, and Disney employees who smiled and made me feel just like a little princess. Actually, that last part is a lie, but you know what I mean.
     The check in process was super easy: they walked me through every step of the way, through every scrap of paper they had for me to fill out. That took about an hour and a half. I was also issued a bus pass that, when used, earns me a dollar each day. It's not only for getting to work either: I can take the bus anywhere I want and it still works the same. It's part of a Disney program to become eco-friendly.
     The room is spacious with a nice kitchen, and wireless internet, and cable TV. Of course, TV's aren't provided (I got me some netflix) so cable doesn't matter much if you don't bring one. When we first looked for cups, one of my roommates and I discovered that they weren't in the cupboards. "Someone stole our dishes." but never fear! "They ain't stole! They're just hid in the dishwasher!" There's even a mug with a deity painted on it, but I doubt that it was provided by Disney...
     Then there was a housing meeting that my four roommates and I attended. It consisted of a group of people sitting in the courtyard telling us what's what. The planned activities look faaaaabulous. There's a party tomorrow night for us newbees. Then there's also a free trip to Knottsberry farm.
     The apartment location is good with grocery stores, museums, libraries, parks, and fast food all near by. I had myself a bagel and some dark chocolate raisinettes for lunch. Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm. My roommates are pleasant, and the view of an appliance store outside my window isn't too much of an eyesore.
      I went to that new Little Mermaid ride and to the updated Star Tours yesterday. I quite enjoyed Star Tours. The updates were fun, and the graphics were better,though I do miss the original "pilot". I wasn't as thrilled with Ariel's Undersea Adventure. It was...short. Had it been in fantasy land I might not have expected as much, but because it was in Cali Adventure I was expecting something spectacular. Fun, but not actually spectacular. It's built a bit like Haunted Mansion in the way the ride goes, but the actual ride itself is just like any of the fantasy land dark rides.
     In case anyone wondered, yes, I'm still alive. I'm just unpacking now. I haven't been eaten my anything or jumped by gangsters. ;)

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