Monday, August 22, 2011

D is for Discounts!

    I had another day off today. Yeay for that! My family was still in town so I've been spending time with them. Spending time with them and taking advantage of Disney employee discounts!
     Firstly, I got into the parking garage for free: saved $15 dollars. Then, I get my free ticket. Saved $105. I also bought food in the park for which I got a 20% discount. I saved a pretty good amount of money today fo sho. I had my first breadbowl (mmmm) full of gumbo. Steak gumbo. Yes. Ooooooooh yes. Thank you New Orleans Square! It's 8.99 for non-employees, but it's D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. Then my family had some BBQ ribs in California Adventure.

     My favorite place to eat though, back in the day before it because more expensive, was the Blue Bayou. Really a neat place to eat. Right around the corner from Pirates of the Caribbean, it's a beautiful restaurant. Glowing lanterns hang over you while you eat and you sit basically inside the Pirates ride: you can watch the boats go by you as you eat. If the passengers notice you you can wave at them while they're just beginning their trip through the Bayou in the ride.

And right around there you can look for Club 33. Can't say I've ever been there, but if you're wondering where it is here's the sign you can look for..
         I also had a tasty pinapple whip. mmmmmm. mmmm. mmm. You get the just outside the tiki room for I think $3.49. Fortunately for all that stuff I got an employee discount.

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