Sunday, July 31, 2011 Disneyland?

      Hallo! I'm Alyssa! I am going to be working at Disneyland for my Disney College Program (DCP) experience this fall. I grew up in a little(r) city where the sound of gunshots and police sirens in one half of town is about as common as eating lunch...other than that it's purty quaint. I have completed two years at a community college thus far via Running Start (did it. loved it. do it.).
      As for my Disney experience, my family will basically use any excuse to go to Disneyland. Common thing to hear on a family road trip from my dad: "Hey kids, now that we're finally in the middle of Nevada...we're only 12 hours away from Disneyland! Whaddaya say?!" or "Well, visiting Seattle for the day is fun...but now we're just 20someodd hours away from Disneyland! Let's go!". Then my mother usually reluctantly reminds him that they should probably send us kids to college at some point, and that paying for such a thing would be a good idea. So, we find ways to be cheap at home so we can pay for all our excursions. We are big travelers. Especially to Disneyland. Around the house we call it "the mothership". And let me tell you, there is no addiction recovery program for the happiest place on earth.
     How did I find out about the program? I'm sure you're sitting on the edge of your seat wondering. Fun story really. So, we were going to go visit my cousins over President's Day break this year, when my father came up with his usual "Yes, we could do that...or we could go to Disneyland!!!". He and my mom debated which of their children least needed to have an inheritance, and after that was settled, and my mother had volunteered to work extra so we could go (they take turns doing that: I know I'm a whinybutt, but I really have got some good parents) we departed for the 20 hour drive.
      When were partying hard like we always do down at ze Land of Disney we went to Flynn's Arcade for some little special collectible coin thing. I was not particularly excited about this, but my dad was, so I stood there listening to Juke Box Hero while mi papa spoke to the employee working there about getting the coin. The employee (after bestowing the coin upon my father) said "Hey, are either of your daughters going to college soon?" I told him I was.
      This wonderful man then proceeded to inform me that Disney had it's own college program. In the words of Carline Bingley I was "all astonishment". I could go to Disneyland...I  could go to Disneyland...I could live in a dumpster...or I could go to college...and fulfill one of my life work at Disneyland.
      Right around this time I was rejected from the only university I had applied to. Whoopee. I wallowed in self-pity for a bit, but then suddenly, a choir of angels came down from heaven singing the words "Disney College Program". I applied but didn't actually expect to make it because I was young with little work experience. Soon enough though, the phone call came and I was on my way to working for Disney.
      If you're interested in the idea of applying to the program check out Disney makes it pretty easy to apply and once you've been accepted they stay with you every step of the way, sending periodic emails giving information needed for getting employment with Disney and officially becoming a part of the program. I'll keep you updated on what happens and how I feel about my experience in the program.

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